Mops & Buckets

Our #1 Torre Tip – give the applied solution sufficient time to interact with the dirt – at least a few minutes. Another great tip –  The worst thing to happen when you’ve just mopped the floor is someone walking all over it, especially if you’re forced to do it yourself. One of the most basic and essential floor mopping tips we can give you is to always mop from the back of your room towards an exit. This means you can swab the entire floor without stepping over your good work.

Top Sellers

  1. Rubbermaid Commercial WaveBreak Side Press Combo
  2. Rubbermaid Commercial Swinger Wet Mop Head – Blue
  3. Swiffer Wetjet Wood Starter Kit
  4. Libman Tornado Mop
  5. Torre Standard
  6. Rubbermaid Professional Plus Microfiber Twist Mop

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